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- Damon Abruzere (July 2017)

Choosing a guitar instructor for our child appeared to be a daunting task. Finding someone that dedicates his craft to suit young minds. We have done just that when stumbling upon Joe Hodgin. He has dedicated his profession to teaching music to our son in a way that has been effective and meaningful. He pushes Jalen to not only play the guitar, but allows him to play in a way that connects with him personally. He's learning the music, but Joe has also given Jalen, and the rest of his students, the opportunity to experience real life studio recording sessions as well as live venue gigs that I've never seen other instructors do. Overall, my wife and I are extremely pleased to have Joe as Jalen's instructor. His passion and love of music have extended to our son; which we are certain will continue to have an impact in years to come. We look forward to what they will create together in the future, and we thank him for his commitment, dedication and passion he brings to us every week.

- Maggie Lloyd (October 2017)

We couldn't be happier with our experience with Joe!  My son was playing songs almost immediately.  He's always positive, patient, and super encouraging.

Amber Hoffman (December 2017)

My daughter, Lucy, was very excited to start guitar lessons.  At first, she took them in an after school group lesson.  Joe quickly observed that my daughter had a high enthusiasm level and recommended that she stray private lessons as he thought that she could advance quickly.  It was the best decision ever.  She surpassed the students in the group lesson in no time and went to private lessons exclusively.  

I love that he offers a studio recording session rather than the more typical yearly stage performance.  It was great to share our daughter's video with our family members across the country.  

Lucy loves her lessons with Joe.  She is so peppy and happy after her lessons.  He pushes her, but with the right amount of patience and encouragement.  He is also very flexible and willing to swap times when we cannot make our regular time.  Lucy has gained a lot of self confidence and is able to perform her songs for an audience.  I am so proud of her and thankful that Joe had been such a great teacher.

Mary Kaplan (June 2018)

We have had Joe teaching our son guitar for about 4 years now.  Joe has had fantastic patience and skill in teaching our son, who is now 13 and doing great with guitar.  Joe has arranged for studio time and created numerous Youtube videos with my son which have been excellent.  The recital shows that Joe puts on with his students are second to none. We can't thank Joe enough for everything he has done for our son.  

Katie Willoughby (June 2018)

Joe Hodgin has been a wonderful music teacher.  He's taught my daughter Maggie for two years now.  He teaches her theory, reading music, scales, etc but also keeps it fresh and fun my letting her choose popular songs she likes.  He has accompanied her on guitar and she has dabbled in learning a little guitar too.  He's taught her how to do studio sessions recording her music in a real professional studio.  This year's "recital" was the kids playing alongside a professional band at a jazz venue commissioned for the event.  It was a really cool and interesting evening! A thousand times better than most recitals I've seen.  It was very exciting and showed her what the life of a musician is like.  We also got amazing professional videos with music and interviews that we can share and keep.  Now my younger daughter is starting music with Joe.  I highly recommend.