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The Live Experience

The Studio Experience

Every year around December, I rent out a recording studio for the day and have each student meet me there for an hour each to record a song we've been working on together. It's a lot less nerve racking than being on stage in front of a crowd and eases them into performing. I've got cameras set up so the pressure is still on but they have an hour and multiple takes to really nail their tune. I edit together a video for them afterwards so they can hear and see their best performance. It's also nice to be able to send this so family and friends that might not live close.

Every year around June, I put on a big live show. Each student gets the opportunity to get on stage with a real band and perform a song in front of a live crowd. I also have solo performances as well but this gives my students the experience of performing in front of a crowd. I also conduct an interview with them prior to the event and edit an intro to their performance that plays on the big screen. This can be a bit more nerve-racking than the studio experience but really gives you the chance to experience what it feels like to be a rockstar


Featured Students


Jalen Abruzere

This is Jalen Abruzere, performing the song "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix at my 2017 Studio Recital in Evermore Studios. 

Easton Lesesne

This is Easton Lesesne performing “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin at my 2018 Studio Recitals in Evermore Studios

Dania & Nadia Khan

This is sisters, Dania (guitar) and Nadia Khan (piano) performing the song "True Colors" for my 2017 Studio Recital in Evermore Studios.


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He has dedicated his profession to teaching music to our son in a way that has been effective and meaningful.......(read more)

-Damon Abruzere

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My Featured Videos


Snarky Puppy - Shofukan

John Mayer - Vultures

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