Born and raised in small town Mississippi, I started playing music when my mom bought me my first guitar. She use to drive me an hour to the nearest city for me to have my hour private lessons every week for years. I'll always be grateful for that and I try to let her know as much as possible.

I moved to Orlando, FL a week after my high school graduation and have been here pursuing a career in music ever since. I graduated from Full Sail University in Recording Arts and Music Business. I've managed recording studios, produced studio albums for myself as well as for many other artists. I've produced, wrote, and played on hundreds of songs in many different genres. My music has been placed on network television shows and commercials. I've played with artists on stages that I never dreamed I'd get to play on.

One things that has always stayed consistent during all of this, is my love for teaching. It started as a way to pay the bills as I was running the studio, but evolved into a full-time business that I love and am extremely passionate about. I've always loved showing people how to do things. Some people are born educators and I truly believe that I was born into that pirviledged group.